Congratulations to all of the Hunter’s Edge staff members on their great finishes in the Northeast Wisconsin 3-D tour this summer. A 4 tournament series, HEAT (Hunter’s Edge Archery Team) shooters all shot amazing and represented The EDGE in such an awesome manner. Staff shooter Zach Plonsky was able to secure the win with some amazing scores throughout the summer.¬† Elliot Heath was able to capture 3rd place with some solid finishes at the individual events. Ryan Malliet¬† also made the top 5 shootoff against the best in the Midwest and came home with a solid 5th place shootoff. Tom Dagit and Eddie Heath also secured some top 5 finishes throughout the summer events. Hunter’s Edge owner Dave Heath got himself in the game in the newly formed “Silver Senior” class, pitting archers over 60 years of age against one another. Some solid finishes and a good shootoff found Davey in the 4th position. Great shootings to all the guys and gals! A testament to the knowledge and expertise of the staff at Hunter’s Edge.

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